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Empowering YOU To Design The Next Chapter of YOUR Life.

Hello, I'm Ene!

Author, Speaker, Coach and Founder of Ziano MindSpa

My name is Ene Obi and I am thrilled that you are here. For almost three decades I worked for global, corporate organisations (two decades in Human Resources), including Shell, HSBC, AstraZeneca, Visa, and Goldman Sachs.

Along my journey I have met many women who feel they are at a crossroads in life. Some are disillusioned with a stalling career and some have achieved professional success. Some are moving on from a setback and others have raised children who are now grown. Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same; they feel stuck, knowing that there are parts of themselves they have not yet discovered. They ask themselves, ‘Now what?’

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Go from asking yourself ‘Now What?’ to declaring ‘This Is Me!’

I am on a mission to empower the woman who feels stuck and unfulfilled to discover herself and develop a renewed sense of purpose so she can create the next chapter of her life and move from ‘Now What?’ to ‘This Is Me!

Do you ever look at your life and say, ‘Now what?’ Perhaps you’ve achieved professional success and rewarded with the corner office. Perhaps you’ve become disullioned with your career or your grown-up children have left home. The reasons may be different but the result is the same; you’re looking at your life, asking yourself, ‘Is this it?’ You know there’s more. There’s got to be! You’re wondering, ‘Now what?’

Well, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly where I was for a long time. Then I finally listened to that small voice inside of me and I allowed it to guide me. In the process, I learned to get out of my own way! What would happen if you did the same?

  • Discover who you really are and expand your vision of your life
  • Recognise the power you have to shape your life and unleash possibilities
  • Redefine yourself and stop being viewed by your titles, relationships or circumstances
  • Gain clarity and develop a renewed sense of purpose
  • Develop the courage to believe in yourself and live a authentic life
  • Have the courage to Know You, Be You and Love You

Give yourself permission to design your life and create the next version of you. Be the author of your story and the hero of your life.

Live a life you enjoy every single day. It starts with the first step and I would love to help you take it.



COMING SOON! – Your Lifebook. Using the theme of a Mind Spa, I take you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you to connect with your deeper self, develop a renewed sense of purpose, expand your vision and unleash possibilities in your life. Prepare to be empowered to design the next chapter of your life so you can move from ‘Now what?’ to ‘This is Me!’


Shared Les Brown’s virtual stage at his September 2020 Power Voice Summit


I offer one-to-one and group coaching programmes on Goal-Setting, Paths To Purpose, Getting Unstuck, including my signature programme, ‘Now What?’ to ‘This Is Me!’.

2021 Goal-Setting Principles

Create your 2021 goals and dreams with my 7 step principles

It is almost time to say goodbye to 2020 and embrace the exciting possibilities of the year ahead. Make 2021 the year you create and live the life you desire. Now is the perfect time to set goals which you’ll actually deliver because you’ll have an action plan to help you achieve them. Download my 7 step Goal-Setting principles today.


What people are saying!

Stephen Ward

Thank you for the love and support. BTW Ene you’re the real star, your ability to bounce back after the technical hiccup is not a small thing. True professional I could learn from.

Kasundra Brown

Ene, I knew the end of your story would be more powerful than the beginning. Thank you for not letting anything stop you!!

Naomi Omokhodion

Ene, you’re a natural at empowering women and I’m glad to see you doing this and how happy it’s making you!

Eve Mendy

Ene, it seems like you have started an amazing chapter. That definitely resonates with the woman you are and I’m very happy for you.

Farha Al Adawi

Ene I’m so proud of you…..you are doing what you were meant to do….and you are stunning!

Jon Talarico

Ene…..I’m sure you’re still flying high from the weekend!!!!!!! You did phenomenal….and I loved that nothing was going to stop you.